With Vivare, a unique learning platform is created, which teaches children, adolescents and interested people knowledge. We make sure that the content is free from advertising and does not interfere with freedom of expression.

In terms of content, we will cover compulsory school years with interesting content. Additional content is provided as needed.

Teachers can specify what learning content is available to students in the classroom. Teachers and professionals can easily create new learning content or change existing ones. After the content has been released, these are available to all.

Vivare live
Erkunde die Welt in deinem Tempo

The portal gives students the opportunity to explore the world with new media at their own pace.

Every person has his own rhythm. In some areas you are faster and in others you take a bit more time.

Thus, residues in the subject matter can be easily caught up in the free time. Meanwhile, highly talented students can broaden their horizons in addition to the mandatory content.

The world is full of life and wonders that want to be explored.

That's why we offer all the future little explorers a platform to satisfy their curiosity.

Erkunde die Welt in deinem Tempo
Erkunde die Welt in deinem Tempo

Together we can: Create a world in which knowledge is freely accessible at all times.

Provide additional support for the existing professionally supervised school classes.

Documents can be changed immediately if new knowledge is available.

School material for hundreds of thousands of students, which is processed in a medial and interactive manner.

Reduce language barriers with a multilingual portal.

Erkunde die Welt in deinem Tempo
Erkunde die Welt in deinem Tempo

About 10 years ago during a further training I wished the first time, that there would be such a platform. A platform on which the topics are prepared and presented in a motivating way.

So that each student can already build on the experiences of teachers, tutors and former students.

Teachers/qualified persons should have the opportunity to create your own content and to be able to make others available. Existing shared content are available and can be expanded as needed. Teachers should identify quickly and easily, what content is good. New experiences and insights to can be inserted easily and quickly.

Vivare (derived from Latin vivere) stands for life and is intended to reflect the importance of knowledge for life. Also, the knowledge on the portal should live, unfold and expand.

With 4 languages (de/fr/it/rm) in Switzerland, we represent the Latin languages in addition to the Germanic languages. The learning portal will represent therefore both language families and in addition the each most representatives of this language group (en / es).

This is to allow students to experiment with a foreign language at your whim or give interested parties an insight into another language.

As a child, would I have liked such a possibility and am sure to create a great new way for students with this portal.

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback and the support I was able to get so far.

2017 I decided to implement this project and to create a great portal together with all interested parties.

D.S. von Felten 13.04.2018

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